Anna Maria Ehrenstrahl (1666 – 1729)

Detail from The Swedish Painter Anna Maria Ehrenstrahl by Martin Mijtens, Sr. (1648 – 1736).  Who evidently had problems with how breasts look in real life.

Anna Maria Ehrenstrahl was a Swedish painter of the Baroque era.  She was the daughter of the painter David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, who saw her talent and in about 1680, took her on as an assistant in his acclaimed workshop where she painted the details in paintings.  As his assistant, she learned by copying her father’s works, so it is perhaps unsurprising that she painted portraits and allegorical paintings like her father did.

In 1687, at the age of twenty one, she completed an allegory of the four seasons, and an allegory of Cupid and Psyche. Soon thereafter, she was in demand to produce royal portraits, including those of Queen Ulrika Eleonora, Prince Consort Fredrik I, Prince Gustav, and Prince Karl Gustav.

Anna married Johan Wattrang in 1688.  As this was an aristocratic marriage, she did not need to make her living as a painter.  However, she continued to be active as an artist throughout her life.  It was not customary at that time in Sweden for married women to take their husbands’ family names, so it is not unusual that Anna Maria kept her own name as a married woman.


The extreme paucity of information on Anna gave me fits — and I am a professional researcher!  I suspect that much more information is available in Swedish, but until the information becomes available in a language I can read, or I learn to read Swedish, it will remain opaque to me.

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